100% Genuine Leather Sofas for Modern Living Spaces

100% Genuine Leather Sofas for Modern Living Spaces

What does the word “luxury” apply to home? What style is best suited to your home and how should you personalise it? You might start with the one that will take the big portion of your living room. Sofas, it is. 

A quality modern sofa is one of the most important furniture pieces you'll purchase in your lifetime. Think of it as a great investment for your future happiness and consider what qualities are most important to you.

Leather has been regarded as a valuable material for its durability. For those who have allergy, they often do better with leather sofas because leather doesn’t harbor as much dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens as easily as fabric does. 100% Genuine Leather sofas for modern living spaces is deemed to be the sofa worth investing in—a place comfortable enough to watch movies, and read books, and host guests. Finding the one can feel like a huge investment. Dezign District provides you 4 different designs with a solid teakwood frame, offering you superb comfort designed to last a lifetime.

Why Dezign District Leather 

Offering a high degree of protection, we specifically choose the genuine leather which is highly resistant to liquids, sunlight and handles the wear and tear.

Designed And Built To Last

Here's a little glimpse into our production world. Checkout behind the design scenes on how we design and manufacture your luxury leather sofas.

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Design Your Own Configuration

Our leather sofas come in a wide range of shades and silhouettes. Customers get the option to choose from 4 leather designs. You can basically build your very own sofa, adding in more or less seats, your preferred arm option, and more.

When you get to design something yourself, think about what makes you happy, and what will look good with the decor you already have. Every design is available in modular configuration allowing to create many different compositions, in order to satisfy any planning need in modern living spaces. Choose to upholster yours in any shade of leather you like to create a one-of-a-kind piece that’s brimming with character and promises to be a favorite for generations to come. 

Maintenance & Care

With a leather sofa, you won’t have to worry about messy kids or clumsy adults. Cleaning leather is simple, with a quick wipe and a little dusting. Leather only requires occasional wiping with a damp cloth and then let dry by itself. Do not use a hairdryer and do not dry in direct sunlight. Otherwise the leather can shrink. Use leather care products for stubborn stains, wipe it, don’t rub too hard. Don’t use aggressive solvents (acetone, nail polish remover, turpentine etc.) or abrasive liquids because it will leave damage.

Check out our website to find the configurations that might work for you and simply add them to your cart in no time. Shopping for a sectional online may seem a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Head off to our instagram to see the closer look of our leather collection. Explore the whole collection and your own 100% genuine leather sofas for modern living spaces.

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