5 Ways to Turn your Home Into Stress-Free Zone

5 Ways to Turn your Home Into Stress-Free Zone

Stress can disrupt healthy coping strategies. It is essential to deal with stress for both physical and mental health. Having a stress-free home environment and routines is a great way to promote everyday stress-free living.

It’s not possible to completely eliminate stress from your life, but if you’re prone to feeling stressed about everyday problems, or you have a stressful job, it’s important to make sure your home is a haven where you can retreat and relax at the end of a busy day.

1.Create a Room Dedicated to Relaxing

Tabir Lounge Chair

Everyone needs their own space sometimes. This can be difficult if you live with multiple other people, but it’s not impossible. To reduce stress at home, try creating a dedicated relaxation room. This could feasibly be anywhere; a bedroom, a living room, a spare room, or an outdoor space. What you need to do is cultivate an atmosphere where you know you can relax. If you need a breather from your chaotic life or need some alone time, a room where you can relax can be a lifesaver. How you approach it depends somewhat on the individual. However, you should try and think about the things that allow you to relax. Is it peaceful and quiet? Maybe it’s a comfy lounge chair?

Having a dedicated relaxation space gives you an area where you can unwind. It can make the process of relaxing a lot easier and is conducive to practices such as meditation. Even if you’re spending a short time each day gathering your own thoughts and meditating can help reduce the psychological and physiological symptoms of stress. Creating a space where you can undertake this is the first step. It should have a calming impact on your home, for you and for others.

2.Clear the clutter

Dorka Sideboard

You want your home to promote a sense of efficiency and flow. Being surrounded by piles of clutter can be stressful. To help you feel in charge of your space and maintain a clear head, keep your home clean and uncluttered. Put items you need and use most near you and out in the open. “Order has to do with the number and organization of the items in a space,” says Dr Nasar. “Having items thrown around at random would be the most disorderly and chaotic. Having them positioned at points along a grid would be extremely orderly. Somewhere toward the latter end would convey order. That and a focal point, such as a fireplace, possibly with some of the personal items, would add to order.” Having a sideboard helps to organize your items away and at bay besides giving an accent to your living space.

3.Use Calming Colours in the Home

Isla Coffee Table

One element of our homes that may surprisingly cause stress is the colours of the walls. Although most of us focus only on the design or stylistic choice of colour, it could have wider implications. If you’re decorating, or even creating a relaxation room, your colour choice could go a long way to creating a calming atmosphere. Gentle, natural hues are best, for both your walls and your furniture. A peaceful light blue or green theme can work wonders, as can other muted tones such as white. Try not to have any clashing colours or overly vibrant themes. These can certainly work well in some rooms, but may not be conducive to a relaxing vibe.

There is a great deal of evidence linking colour to behaviour, so it’s no surprise that this is true in the home. Red is good for detail-orientated tasks, whereas blue is better for creativity. However, red can also raise blood pressure and create a more stressful environment. It should therefore be avoided as a colour choice for the bedroom and other places of relaxation. Yellow can also make people more likely to lose their temper. Conversely, blue and green colours can reduce stress and blood pressure, and create a more calming environment.

4.Make the Most of Natural Lighting

Lope Lounge Chair

Getting enough sunlight is an important and often overlooked factor in mental health. If your home is dark and gloomy it can make stress and depression worse. Avoid blocking the light from windows with heavy curtains or blinds in the daytime and consider using light bulbs that emulate daylight.

5.Choose the right Chairs

Oburr Modular Sofa

Get chairs that are flexible and easy for you to move around so that you and your guests can shift to one side or the other, and adjust the distance between you. To promote a safe feeling, look for chairs with shoulder-height backs, positioning the chairs so you can see the door. You might place a plant behind chairs, which will also help personalize the space, says Dr Nasar. Consider positioning small tables next to chairs as a spot for personal items and drinks, promoting convenience and comfort.

6.Use More Houseplants and Flowers in the Home

Houseplants are fantastic, for many reasons. Adding some greenery to your home can brighten the place up and bring some extra character. It also gives you something to focus your attention on. There have been various studies into the benefits of having houseplants and flowers in the home, so try adding a few in different rooms. Plants can help remove negative energies and connect your home with nature.

A 2015 study demonstrated how houseplants can reduce stress. Researchers examined how participants responded to interacting with plants compared to completing computer-based tasks. The results showed the plant interactions felt more comfortable and soothed. There are other benefits too. Having plants at home will help to purify the air, which can often be polluted without us realizing it. Certain types of plants have been shown to absorb toxins from the environment. They can also humidify the room, which is important for respiratory health. Finally, indoor plants have been shown to boost creativity and productivity. All of these factors can contribute to minimizing household stress, giving you a cleaner, more creative and relaxing environment to live in.

7.Create a ‘Landing Station’

Vanda Console Table

Are you always running around at the last minute looking for your keys? Eliminate this unnecessary stress by putting a small console table in your hallway with a bowl to put your keys in as soon as you get through the door. Some other organisational items like a basket for mail and hooks for your hat and sunglasses can also help to streamline your mornings and help you to be more organised.

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