Difference between Coffee Tables and Side Table

Difference between Coffee Tables and Side Table

TV? Checked. Hanging TV cabinet? Checked. Sofa? Checked. – sounds like a complete set for your living furniture, right? People often are reluctant to go further than this, for both financial and not-knowing-what-to-do reasons. However, we can help you to save or spend your money wisely for a long-term investment, by sharing the knowledge and information with you. There are many home-related products that can make your living more pleasing and sometimes, convenient such as lighting, pictures, vase and rugs. To narrow down the topic today, we will discuss the differences between coffee and side tables. Here you will know when and why you should get one, or all of them –

Coffee Table

Hiro Coffee Table

You can call it a tea table too if you don’t like to drink coffee. The coffee table is lower to the ground, and the height is usually the same as the sofa’s seating cushions. Because of its height, it does not block your vision, and it’s usually placed in front of the sofa or TV. Also, you can have a nice face-to-face tea time session with your friends or family, when you place a coffee table between you guys for snacks and drinks – a coffee table is usually found in the centre of the living, for entertaining and convenient purposes.

Despite coffee or snacks, a coffee table can be great for organizing your living too. Depending on the type, you can get one with a shelf underneath. With the extra storage, you can put your favourite magazines and books for when your guests waiting for you in the living room, those readings can help.

Conrad Coffee Table

Side Table

Arri Side Table

The side table, as the name suggests, is usually positioned next to the side of your sofas. The height of a side table is usually taller than a coffee table, about the height of your sofa arm, for the purpose of holding the remote control, drinks and snacks. The surface of a side table is also smaller than a coffee table, hence it takes less space in your living room if space is your concern.

Same as a coffee table, some side tables come with an extra shelf underneath for books and magazines too. If you have some antique collection like a vase, you can place it on the side table, and the side table can be anywhere that seems fit at your house since it does not block your way.

Materials & Shapes

Platon Side Table

The shapes for both tables are usually round, square, or rectangular, you can decide which one based on your preference. The materials, however, are crucial depending on where and how you are planning to use them. For instance, if you are using them outdoors, get one with weather resistant feature that can take natural elements for years, such as teak wood. Although they tend to be pricey compared to non-weather-resistant materials like plastic. They are a great investment for the long term.

How many times did you spill your drinks on the table? You can be as careful as possible, yet accidents happen especially if you have kids or pets around your home. With natural oil finished for some of the side or coffee tables, the extra layer provides protection from scratch, as well as water, to prevent it from going rot.

Eirene Side Table

If space and budget are not your concern, the combination of both coffee and side tables can change the look and feel of your home, entirely. For instance, if your home is not as spacious, maybe getting a side table will be your choice, since they take up less space and tend to be cheaper.

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