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Dezign District understands that it's not easy to shop online. This is why we send out free samples in order to give you better understanding of the feel and quality of the materials we use. Simply select your preferred product ranges or fabric covers that interest you. We are more than happy to send our samples out to you. There is a variety of hues and textures, let's browse and discover the possibilities.

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Natural Teak Fine Sanded (T3)

Outdoor Fabric

Olefin Fabric

Olefin fabric is premium quality of outdoor fabric which provides the exclusive solution for your comfort.

Copacobana 082 (P132)
White (P134)
Wifera 140 (P4)
Wifera 162 (P6)
Copacobana 182 (P33)
Ocean Blue (BO603)

Pillow Fabric

Acrylic Fabric

Throw pillow is made from made from a solution dyed acrylic that is UV; water; and mildew resistant.

Laytown Grey 160 (P129)
Negril R 161 (P128)
Albena 180 (P127)


Aluminium Asteroid (F20)
Olive Green (F23)
White Pearl (F09)


Batyline Black (S2)
Batyline Taupe (S5)


Kubu Eco Green
Shimmer Russet

Stainless Steel

Hairline SS


Black Cream Strap
Rope Snix 5mm
Rope MK-R13
Rope MK-R563